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Fly Fishing in Córdoba Argentina

Argentina has many possibilities for fly fishing. Cordoba awaits you!!

Fishing in Córdoba is a real challenge for lovers of activity. The diversity of landscapes and aquatic environments makes it possible to fish for salmonids in areas with compulsory return. The rivers and streams of Cordoba are distinguished in the atmosphere of fly fishing as they are technical when it comes to fishing. The difficulty of each basin is due to the clarity of the water, the fishing pressure, the amount of food, the quantity of trout, the height, the temperature and the date one enters the river.

For lovers of Patagonia, in Cordoba brooks it is necessary to be more precise in the launch, to look for the fish in the water before throwing the fly, to choose the correct fly, etc. For these reasons, the river of Cordoba are usually an even greater challenge and lead the fisherman to be more patient and expectant since in any runner trout can be of the day.

The Sierras del Sur are located to the west of the provincial route number 23, and includes the localities of Achiras, Alpa Corral, Luti, La Calera and Rio de los Sauces. In its extension we can find several fishing possibilities. Each of these basins has different natural environments and this makes a special condiment to be able to fish it.

All the rivers of Córdoba are fished wading.


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