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Bird Watching

We invite you to discover this excellent environment to appreciate the most varied songs and colors. Welcome to a new Mountain Adventure …

Alpa Corral - Cordoba Argentina- English

Alpa Corral is an excellent environment to appreciate the most varied songs and colors of the approximately 190 species of birds that frequent the landscape of this town. Its varied surroundings make Alpa Corral a good site for bird watching because in a small region can be seen from a typical postcard of plain, passing through a forest of Chaco up to end in a mountain grassland. This diversity of landscapes is reflected in their birds. From "Buff-necked Ibis" (Theristicus caudatus) and "Burrowing Owl" (Athene cunicularia) in the plain, through "Black-bodied woodpecker” (Dryocopus schulzi) and “Andean Tinamou" (Nothoprocta pentlandii) in the forest and crowning the The grassland with "Black-chested or Buzzar Eagle" (Geranoaetus melanoleucus) and, just in case, a "Andean Condor" (Vultur griphus), a bird of Andes range present in Cordoba mountains.In its water courses we can find the "Olrogs Cinclodes" (Cinclodes olrogi), an exclusive species from the Cordoba mountains.


Ponce Gonzalo Ivo: Degree in Tourism Management received from the 21st Century University Córdoba, professor of the ITEC Institute of Rio Cuarto, was Director and Coordinator of the Tourism Area of ​​Achiras and current Coordinator of the Tourism Area of ​​the Municipality of Alpa Corral. Creator of the Las Lajas Municipal Reserve and one of the Founders of the Adventure Tourism company. From his childhood he traveled all the south of Cordoba and I walk all the Sierras del Sur having knowledge of each of the places to visit. Guide Enabled by the Province of Córdoba


Lucas Paton: Engineer Agronomist, entered the world of birds since young motivated by the curiosity of his group of friends, including Santiago, performing innumerable field trips observing birds. His final graduation work was developed in the mountain village of Alpa Corral promoting Ecotourism and Environmental observation.


Santiago Giayetto: Lic. In Biology his curiosity for birds has led him to make countless trips and field trips through Argentina and the highlands of Cordoba, especially by Alpa Corral. This curiosity made his final work in the field of ornithology, becoming a referent of theme for Córdoba south mountain.


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